Clinical Highlights

Wish to hear experienced clinicians provide guidance on osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment?
The ECTS Clinical Update Program on Saturday morning is the place to be. Topics include:

  • Osteoporosis – diagnostic workup
  • Fracture risk assessment and intervention thresholds
  • Calcium and vitamin D
  • Choice of treatment
  • Treatment of osteoporosis in patients with reduced kidney function


Are you interested in disorders affecting bone beyond osteoporosis?
At ECTS 2017 we will focus on endocrinological disorders and bone with overview lectures by top opinion leaders. Topics include:

  • Diabetes and bone health
  • Thyroid diseases and bone health
  • Sodium and bone health
  • Parathyroid diseases and bone health


What is new in clinical bone research?

  • Listen to What is New – The Year in Review to get an overview of major innovations of the past year presented by one of the top opinion leaders.


New bone anabolic treatments may soon become available – should you fundamentally change your approach to treat osteoporosis?
Listen to the clinical debate on

  • “This house believes that anabolic therapy should be first line therapy for patients with established osteoporosis”


Wish to hear the latest state of the art clinical research ?
ECTS 2017 has experts from around the world covering the topics in different presentation formats:

  • Plenary lecture Insights from Outside.
  • This year the topic is Big Data. How can data mining affect diagnosis and treatment in the future?


Clinical workshops

  • Bone in rheumatoid disorders
  • Nutrition and bone
  • Vitamin D, back to the future



  • Fracture risk in neurological diseases
  • BMD revisited: Can BMD be used as a surrogate for fracture risk reduction?
  • Tendon injury and therapy


Meet the Experts

  • Dennis Black: Long-term treatment of osteoporosis
  • Terry Aspray: Optimal replacement with vitamin D
  • Jenny Walsh: How to manage the young person with osteoporosis
  • Ken Saag: Difficult cases in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis

and, as a special topic:

Randy Levinson: How to publish in Nature Medicine


Working Groups

  • Rheumatologic disorders of bone
  • Imaging of bone strength
  • Rare bone diseases (NEW)