Basic Science & Technology Highlights

Wish to hear opinion leaders present overview lectures on important timely topics?
The ECTS Update Program on basic science and technologies on Saturday morning is the place to be. Topics include:

  • Bone cell function in bone and beyond
  • Bone and the haematopoetic niche
  • Good practice in PCR

Authentication of cell lines

Where is the field of musculoskeletal research heading in the next 5-10 years?
Who would know better than Europe’s top researchers collaborating in EU funded consortia. Each year you can hear and meet these experts at the ECTS EU Consortia Summit. For ECTS 2017 they will team up with top speakers from the US and Asia.

Keynote lecture by Laura Calvi, US, expert on the bone microenvironment
Pitch talks from 5+ of the top research consortia funded by the EU
The Asian perspective by top representatives from Asian bone societies

What is new in preclinical bone research?

  • Listen to What is New – The Year in Review to get an overview of major innovations of the past year presented by one of the top opinion leaders.


Wish to hear the latest state of the art research in basic science and technology?

  • ECTS 2017 has experts from around the world covering the topics in different presentation formats:


Plenary lecture Insights from Outside

  • This year the topic is Big Data. What is different in the analysis of Big Data, how can you exploit the wealth of information.


Preclinical workshops

  • Ribosomal proteins in health and disease
  • Liquid biopsies
  • Autophagy



  • Neuronal regulation of bone remodelling
  • Bone biomechanics and bone quality
  • Predisposition to tendon injury


Meet the Experts

  • Stephan Bustin: PCR
  • Anjali Kusumbe: Bone vasculature
  • Duncan Basset: Bone phenotyping in mice
  • Charles O´Brien: Transgenic mice for bone research – proper controls
  • Ellen Gravallese: Resolution of inflammation Lorenz Hofbauer: what is the mechanism for glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis

and, as a special topic:

  • Randy Levinson: How to publish in Nature Medicine


Working Groups

  • Epigenetics
  • Imaging of bone strength
  • Rare bone diseases (NEW)
  • Transgenic animal models of musculoskeletal diseases (NEW)